Ge Multilin / Alstom Relays

GE’s distribution feeder protection systems provide advanced protection with flexibility, programmability and communications for maximum system reliability. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians understand distribution feeder principles and the sources of faults on overhead and underground distribution feeders. They apply their knowledge to the design and manufacture of some of the most advanced protection relays and systems in the world.

Major faults occurring in the distribution system such as arc flash, incipient cable splice fault, high impedance fault and others, must be sensed quickly and isolated immediately to prevent hazards to the general public and personnel. Learn how GE’s Multilin A60, F60 and 750 solutions provide early fault detection and warning in this spotlight application.

We are an Authorized Partner of GE Multilin and Alstom Protection Relays. We undertake complete SITC work for the protection relays

Products Range

- MiCOM Agile P14x Feeder Protection
- F60 Feeder Protection System
- F35 Multiple Feeder Protection System
- 850 Feeder Protection System
- MiCOM Agile P14N, P14D & P14DH Feeder Protection
- 750/760 Feeder Protection System
- F650 Feeder Protection System
- 350 Feeder Protection System
- A60 Arc Flash Detection System
- MiCOM Agile P341 Interconnection Protection and Dynamic Line Rating
- MIF II Feeder Protection System
- 735/737 Feeder Protection System
- FM2 Feeder Protection System
- URC Feeder Recloser Protection System
- MIF Feeder Protection System
- MiCOM Agile P161, P162 & P163 Feeder Protection
- MiCOM Agile P154 Feeder Protection
- MiCOM Agile P15D Feeder Protection